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The website is operated by the company BRILLIANT SHOPPING AS with organization number 921-313-683 and is based in Stavanger, Norway. The company's address is: Havørnbrautene 29, 4049 Hafrsfjord.

Do we collect information from you as a visitor?

When visitors choose to write a review of a store, we collect information on such an occasion via a form about the visitor. This is to ensure that visitors use their true identity and that the information the user sends is truthful. In addition to the assessment itself, only the name and email address of the visitor write a review. There are also cookies on some of our websites, which, among other things, register if you have visited that website before. See cookies for more information.

When do we collect information about you as a visitor?

Only when visitors choose to write a review about a store that is available on any of the sites. Collection of information via this form occurs only at this stage. The information that cookies collect is at events on the website. See more information about cookies.

Do we share visitor information with third parties?

When a visitor chooses to write a review about a store, we use it to publish in connection with with the current store. Before the review is published, it is examined and the review may be rejected if it is considered truthful or wrong.

Where do we store information about you as a visitor?

We may forward your information that you as a visitor have provided as follows: To selected and trusted parties that may use this information to provide you with content that may be of interest to you. - To partners and other organisations that work for us to fulfill the wishes you have promoted - to the police, supervisory authorities or legal advisers in connection with suspected offences or whether we are required to disclose information in accordance with law. - to another company in the Trading Online Group and - If we were to sell or buy a company or business to a seller or buyer of such a company or business.


We store information on servers in Sweden. Special information can also be transferred to other servers in Europe.


to the information

A cookie or so-called cake is a text-based data file that collects information that a web server may request to be stored on the visitor's computer. Cookies may contain information in both plain text encrypted that primarily exists information to improve the website through users' patterns of behavior, so that features and speed can be optimized to provide a better and more experience of the website and its service. You may refuse to accept cookies if You don't want the site to store information. This can be enabled and disabled via the settings in the your browser. If cookies are denied, certain features and services on the website may stop working.

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If you have any questions or comments about our privacy and policy, please email us at


We track sessions with cookies

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We use cookies and local storage for better UX, analytics and ads.

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