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Information about these Terms of Use made available to you. By visiting the Website, you agree to be bound by these Terms available Here. It can therefore be useful if you read the agreement carefully and, if necessary, print and save a copy. If you do not accept the Terms immediately stop using the Website. When the term "you" is used, it means the visitors who enter the website and with the term "we" means the company behind the website: BRILLIANT SHOPPING AS, Havørnbrautene 29, 4049 Hafrsfjord, Norway. The term website means www. and its subpages.

Change of terms and conditions

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of the users at any time. This in order to continuously improve the Service and the Website which may also change the Terms of Use. The changes apply in such cases from the moment they are published and you are deemed to have accepted the changes by visiting the website.

Description of the service

The site aims to satisfy visitors with results taken from other websites, online stores and services of different types. The results consist mainly of products that can be purchased via internet from different online stores. Products and offers listed on our website are not sold of us, but is linked to other online stores and services where the products will be available for sale. If the products or results are not available for sale, we will not take responsibility for this. Purpose with our website is to collect results and let visitors find products and results from many in different locations, such as online stores and internet services, etc. Data is updated in intervals from the various sources and we therefore cannot take responsibility for ensuring that the information in the results is relevant. We have not sell, resell or licensing of listed products or results and therefore does not take responsibility for listed products and results. You agree that you contact third parties directly, i.e. the store that sells products or internet service as results for questions about products and results. All feedback complaints, comments and disputes regarding the products and results shall take place directly to third parties to which the website links.

Privacy Ocg Policy

You must also take part in our Privacy and Policy Policy where there is important information about personal data and how we process information about you as visitors.

Users who are children

This site is not suitable for visitors under the age of 18. By visiting the website and thus accepting the terms you warrant that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are not over the age of 18, you have no right to visit the website and immediately stop using the Website.


On the website, there are reviews available about the stores or internet services that supply the products and Results. The reviews come mostly from third parties, but it is also possible for you as a visitor to add your own assessments directly. We do not take responsibility for the assessments that are published, and we are right (but not obligation) in its sole discretion to refuse, move or remove material that reviews from the Website and which contrary to the Terms or which we deem to be inappropriate.

Access to the website

We strive that the website should always be in safe operation and without interruption so that all information is continuously available. However, we cannot guarantee full access to the Website at all times. By situations such as system failures, maintenance, repairs and for reasons beyond our control, access canceled without prior notice to visitors.


There are links to various locations on the site where we or third parties link to other websites or resources. Since we have no control over these pages, you agree that we are responsible for the content of these pages. You also agrees that we are not a party to the transaction or agreement with third parties that you enter into, and you agree to do not involve us in dispute between you and third parties..

Copyright and licenses

All content on this website belongs to BRILLIANT SHOPPING AS and is protected by copyright law. This information, including text and images, must not be altered, copied or stored in any form without permission from BRILLIANT SHOPPING AS. Violations of these rules will be reported to the police. If you believe that it has happened violation of your intellectual property rights to information that you have provided to the Website, e.g. via a review or other content, please contact us by email to

Public information

This term, as well as other terms referred to herein, constitutes the complete agreement between you and us when your use of the Website. In the event of a dispute between you and us about these Terms, Swedish Applied. If these Terms are deemed invalid by a competent court, both parties agree that the court shall endeavor to consider the common party purpose as it appears under these Terms.


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